"You like me, you really like me!"

-Sally Field accepting her 1985 Oscar for Best Actress for her performance in "Places in the Heart"

"Monica has performed that National Anthem at Doran Park for the past several years.  Her rendition is always a huge hit with our crowd. She is a true professional and very easy to work with."
Jenabeth Ferguson - Vice President & Director of PR, Bourne Braves
"We’ve worked with Monica for more than 4 years and booked her for numerous print and acting jobs.  She’s shown an excellent ability to adapt to a variety of roles, whether it’s a mom, businessperson, spokesperson, or Dunkin Donuts drinker.  Our clients have had nothing but positive feedback about her preparation, professionalism, and ability to deliver a great performance in front of the camera."
Tim Ayers, Agent/Owner - Model Club, Inc. 
"Monica has always been among my TOP choices for many projects.  My clients love Monica’s “look”, but I love how easy she is to work with, and more importantly, the enthusiasm she brings to every project. Whether playing “Customer #4” in a corporate training video, or having a primary speaking role in a "big production", Monica always gives 110%."
Rob Fagnant, Producer - Pyxis Productions
"Monica is a complete professional and captures the look of "every woman" effortlessly and with amazing subtlety. I directed Monica in a film with Peter Scolari and she was the star of the show! An incredible talent!"
David Horgan, Director/ Author - Horgan Associates
"Monica is a consummate professional artist. Not only is she brilliant on screen, but is a remarkably wonderful person to create and commiserate with off camera. She is certainly one top of my call list when I need an actress for anything."
Rick Dumont, Writer/Director/Producer – Sweaty Turtle Entertainment LLC
"I recently booked Monica for a small but very important VO role in my 'Pizzer Makers' web series. I could sense her enthusiasm in the audition. She took great direction but it was the improv and slight deviation from the script that made the character come alive!"
Chris Palermo, Writer/Director - Pizzer Makers Web Series
"While I have not yet had the pleasure to work alongside the wonderful Monica Saviolakis, I have known her for three years as a fellow friend in the business and have interacted with her on many occasions.  From my observation of Monica's career over the past few years, I believe what makes Monica stand out from the crowd in this competitive industry is her likability, professionalism, honesty, and ambition.  (Plus, it doesn't hurt that she always looks great!)  She also goes the extra mile to make sure that the people who have helped her career along the way are thanked in a personal, meaningful way. These qualities are what have made, and will to continue to make, her succeed."
Becki Dennis, Actor/Owner - Talent Tools
"Monica is a true professional. She shows up on time, if not early, for every gig. She is always prepared and she takes direction well. To put it simply, Monica is a very talented actress who you won't be disappointed with. I highly recommend her for any project you're casting!"
Lee Simonds, Actor/Model 
"Working with Monica is an absolute pleasure. She has played a variety of characters on my productions and excelled in each one. Aside from being a very talented actress, she is extremely easy to work with and a joy to have on set."
Ben Consoli, Director - BC Media Productions
"We used Monica for a corporate shoot and are certainly glad we did. Not once during the day did we have to re-shoot a scene because she didn't deliver. She immersed herself into her character perfectly. Which, coming for a production standpoint, worked out just fine by not wasting time on retakes. We would DEFINITELY use Monica again for other projects we have on the horizon."
Michael Murray, Director/Producer - Summer Wind Films